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From POS display to a full size trade show booth, Quadrum® provides the ideal combination of exclusive design with maximum visual impact. Print, colour and customized lighting, and the possibility to integrate transparent windows and monitors create the ideal setting to convey your message.


Sample kits, brochures, flyers, logos, brand identities, newsletters, campaigns, websites: we are here to assist your sales team with the proper tools. We take care of all the practical issues that arise during production, without losing sight of what is important to your communication.


Because of our background and experience in business presentations we help many customers to tell their story. We can advise you in the flow of communication and visualize your message via PowerPoint presentations, digital animation and / or video.


About Visualitys

Since 1991 Visualitys has evolved from being an expert in business presentations to a full service partner in business communication and events. We are a flexible team with a passion for finding creative and innovative solutions for our clients. We have a continuous focus on service and customer demand. 
Our services are grouped:
Quadrum®, the multifunctional display system

Graphic Design
Marketing Tools
Digital Productions

Visualitys is experienced in what we call sales enablement:
because we empathize with our 
customers' activities

we are able to produce and design tools for sales and marketing that matter

Quadrum® offers great flexibility and modularity for companies to present their products and services in a unique way. Additionally, Visualitys delivers turn-key events and settings:

you give us the location, the floor plan and the timing; we deliver!

We work for:

Visualitys clients
Quadrum EN
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The multifunctional display system made of foldable blocks in several sizes. This allows a modular setup with which the only limitation is the room or venue you are in. Because of the light weight and easy-to-handle characteristics Quadrum can be setup without any tools. The lighting effect inside the columns guarantees unique and ambient atmosphere. In order to reach an innovative and refreshing appearance you do not always need to build a large setting. From simple columns with branding and lighting to large scale settings at event venues.


The material Quadrum is produced of is flame-retardant polyprop and can easily be printed in corporate colors. Interchangeable panels in various sizes can have logos, payoffs or any other data.


Quadrum will change the way you present your company at exhibition booths or settings for smaller and larger events. You will distinguish yourself from other companies.

So, in short, Quadrum has no limits.

No limits in shape and size

No limits in flexibility

No limits in design and branding


No limits. You decide.

Flexible in size and shape, lightweight and strong, customizable, modular, easy to pack, cost efficient, easy to build, unique look and feel, sustainable


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